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Dragon and Tiger Qigong, Wilton

Dragon and Tiger Qigong, Wilton

Dragon and Tiger is a 1500 year old form of 'medical qigong', primarily used for self-healing or preventative exercise. It is also one of the best methods for learning how to feel Qi (subtle energy) in and around your body.

The name 'Dragon and Tiger' has many layers of meaning, one of which is that you develop the agility and flexibility of a dragon and the relaxed power of a walking tiger.

It consists of a series of seven connected movements that strengthens the immune system, mitigates the effects of chronic illness and improves relaxation. Dragon and Tiger moves energy through various groups of yin and yang acupuncture meridians using these seven movements.

Dragon and Tiger is also a great introduction to the smoothness associated with Tai Chi movement, and can greatly improve your Tai Chi form if you already practise.

Weekly 1 hour classes in blocks of 5 sessions. Cost £35 - single session rates available on application. 

If you already know the movements you can join this class - please contact us if you are interested.

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Event Date Wed 31st Jan 2018 - 11:00 am
Individual Price £35 for 5 sessions
Wilton, Comm Centre
Wilton Community Centre
Wilton, Comm Centre
35.00 £
We are no longer accepting registration for this event