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Wu Style Tai Chi, Downton

Wu Style Tai Chi, Downton

Studying Wu Style with Longwater Tai Chi

If your main interest is to learn Tai Chi for health and wellbeing, and how to create more balance in your life, then why not join us in our new Wu style Tai Chi classes and workshops? In fact, we cannot put it better than our students:

"Reduced stress levels, increased energy, improvements in balance and posture, an all round ‘feel good’ factor and a developing ability to relax, all in the company of like minded students are just a few of the benefits. A positive spirit, healthy mind and body are well within reach so I look forward to the next stage of my Wu Style Tai Chi journey.”
- SW

In these classes we teach the Wu Style Modified 64 form, which is based on the traditional 108 long form. To learn the entire form at a basic level would typically take around 12 months, though this is very much dependent on how the class as a whole is absorbing the information and integrating it through personal practice. After this period we would continue to deepen our understanding of the movements by introducing more advanced concepts.

Each session also includes a 15-20min student practice session when you can integrate the topics covered during the class, ask questions, or just work on something else you may be studying with us, to get our feedback.

We also welcome beginners to a 45min Tai Chi Qigong warmup at the start of each session which you can pay for as a single drop-in.

Classes will run on our standard 5 session block system, with payment at the beginning of each block. In order to give you the best price we cannot offer you a refund for non attendance - you can however pay a little more by the session if you know you will be away for some of the current block.

Wednesdays Downton Memorial Hall:

6.30 - 7.15pm Tai Chi Qigong warmup (beginners welcome for £6).
7.15 - 8.30pm Wu Tai Chi form and student practice.

£45 for 5x1.25hr sessions at 7.15pm
£65 to include 45 min Qigong warmup session at 6.30pm


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Event Date Wed 16th May 2018 - 7:15 pm
Individual Price £45.00
Downton, Memorial Hall
Downton Memorial Hall , The Borough
Downton, Memorial Hall
45.00 £
We are no longer accepting registration for this event