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Tai Chi warmups and study, Downton

Tai Chi warmups and study, Downton

The Wednesday and/or Thursday evening classes in Downton and Salisbury are our main weekly format for beginners and intermediate-to-advanced students to progress through the traditional Taijiquan (Tai Chi) curriculum. Each evening is structured into 3 classes that allow you to advance at a pace that suits you.

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New students can just drop-in to the 1st class of either evening (45mins) on any week and enjoy a great Tai Chi style exercise set with simple-to-follow instructions and relaxing music; just copy along and take your time to become familiar with some the principles of this empowering ancient art. For some people this is all that they need as it gives many of the health and wellbeing advantages of practising tai chi. It is fine to arrive a bit late into this class if your day's schedule or traffic delays you.

For others, who are curious about the ‘real deal’ of learning traditional Tai Chi, or even just aspects of the curriculum that grab their attention and interest, then you will want to use the first class as a warmup before continuing to the 2nd class (45min). Here you will begin your study of a more formal form; this could be a solo, partner or weapons form depending on what you need for your personal health and development. You will be supported by both teachers and more experienced students in this session, and you will want to put aside some personal time for regular practice. Although you do not need to come to the first (6.30pm) session as well, we highly recommend that you do so until you have attained a good level of body awareness and principles of movement.

Intermediate-to-advanced students can attend the 3rd class (30mins) in addition to the 2nd class, where they can continue to practice and study the forms they have learnt, or learn new forms with our guidance.


Class 1 (6:30-7:15pm): £7 drop-in
Class 1-2 (6:30-8pm): £55 per 5 weeks
Class 2-3 (7:15-8:30pm): £45 per 5 weeks (Intermediates only)
Class 1-2-3 (6:30-8:30pm): £65 per 5 weeks (Intermediates only)


On Wed 12th Sept in Downton and Thurs 13th Sept in Salisbury we are offering a free taster session from 6.30pm, when you can join in with a 45min warmup session, then see and try aspects of the traditional Tai Chi material we teach and so decide what might work best for you. The free session ends at 8.30pm and includes a break when you will be able to chat to some of our long term students about their experiences of studying with us.