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Wu Style Workshop - Downton

Wu Style Workshop - Downton

Based on Wu style Tai Chi, these regular day workshops allow us to teach both the external postures and applications as well as the internal energy components (Neigong) that make your Tai Chi reach the next level. Our aim is to let you experience Tai Chi in 3 distinct layers of study - outer to application to inner.

If you main interest is health and wellbeing through mindfulness and conscious energy work, then this style is for you. Workshop includes in depth study of components from the Bruce Frantzis Energy Arts neigong system.

Anyone interested in learning this form from the beginning is welcome, so those of you who have lapsed or have been waiting for a new class to start - this is your chance! Experienced students will be given more in depth instructions for the same movements.

Morning session 10am to 1pm £30
Full Day 10am to 3.30pm (incl 45 min lunch break) £45 

Guidelines for the day's teaching:

Water method Neigong (internal energy work) - each session we will begin exploring in depth components of the Bruce Frantzis Energy Arts neigong system and how they manifest in your Tai Chi form.

Learning postures and the new transitions from the Modified 64 form. 

1.45pm - 3.30pm:

More Tai Chi form specifics finishing with a consolidating student-led practice session, and Q&A.

The Modified 64 Wu Style Form

Join us and find out what Tai Chi is all about. The form we currently teach at Longwater Tai Chi is based on the traditional long form, and has been modified by our teacher Brian Cooper to become more accessible to all abilities. Consisting of 64 moves, the Modified 64 form embraces every essential posture of the parent 108 long form, without the repetitions. It takes about 12 minutes to perform and is quite compact so can be practised even in restricted spaces. You still get a full workout that upgrades your body, energy levels, mind and spirit.

About Wu Style

A Tai Chi form can be either large, medium or small "frame", which dictates the amount of space required to perform it as well as the actual physical extensions involved. It can also be "short" or "long", which simply describes the number of individual movements the form contains. Where Yang-style forms are traditionally medium to large frame and develop very high quality martial skills and chi gung (internal subtle energy work), many of the Wu-style forms, and in particular the style Longwater Tai Chi teaches, are small frame and perfect containers for health chi gung and meditation. That is not say these small frame forms are not good for martial arts - simply that they are more condensed and obtaining a high level of skill requires greater dedication.

Wu-style Tai Chi is particularly beneficial for facilitating the healing of injuries, especially back problems, as well as stress and anxiety. 

Event Properties

Event Date Sun 25th Feb 2018 - 10:00 am
Individual Price Morning £30 Full Day £45
Downton, Memorial Hall
Downton Memorial Hall , The Borough
Downton, Memorial Hall
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