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Tai Chi for Arthritis

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Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA) is a specially designed programme by Dr Paul Lam (a family doctor and tai chi master) for people with arthritis. The special features of this unique programme are that it is easy to learn, enjoyable, and provides many health benefits in a relatively short period of time.

Medical studies have shown that practising this programme reduces pain significantly, prevents falls for those with balance issues, and improves many aspects of health. For these reasons, Arthritis Foundations around the world have supported the programme.

Do you suffer from upper limb joint pain?

Research Trial: September – December 2018: Classes in Ringwood and Fordingbridge

We are pleased to be taking part in this research project. If you would like to participate in an MSc research project, overseen by Southampton University, then find out more at our following taster sessions.

Tuesday 11th September 2-3pm, course starts 18th September
Greyfriars Centre, Ringwood BH24 1DW

Thursday 13th September 2:30-3:30, course starts 20th September
Avonway Centre, Fordingbridge, SP6 1JF

We shall be taking in new beginners to these classes and within them we shall be involved in a research project to see if upper limb joint pain improves using 6 weeks of Tai Chi. Participants are asked to do some daily tai chi exercises that will be taught in class. There will be no medical tests, just two short questionnaires, before and after the trial. If anyone has joint pain that they would score at least 4/10 within the last week, where 10 is being the most pain imaginable, they may qualify to take part. Unfortunately, anyone who has regularly practiced tai chi or qigong is excluded from the trial, but is very welcome to join the class.

Letters are available at both Avonway and Greyfriars, but the information days are listed above.

Unfortunately there is no funding for this project. The cost will be £70 for a 10 week course.

In April 2013, the U.S. CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention) recommended Tai Chi for Arthritis on their official guide for falls prevention, and the AoA (Administration on Aging) found the Program to meet the highest-level criteria for AoA evidence based disease prevention and health promotion programs. For more information visit our reference site

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