Code of Practise

The teachers at Longwater Tai Chi would be grateful if the following was observed in our classes and workshops:

Dress Codes

We do not use uniforms - most students prefer to wear comfortable clothes with a bit of stretch and practice with socks, flat shoes that don't tip you forward or bare feet. You mignt also want to bring a bottle of water.

Personal Boundaries and Conduct

We expect both teachers and students to treat each other with respect, dignity, patience and understanding to the best of each of their capabilities.

Experience has taught us that sometimes students look to our instructors to meet personal and spiritual needs and expectations beyond what we intend to provide. The school's aim is to provide quality instruction in Tai Chi in the tradition of our masters; we do not offer personal, emotional or spiritual contact, support or guidance.

Participation & Physical Contact

You may at any time refuse to participate in, or you may limit your participation in, any exercise with which you are uncomfortable, whether the exercise involves just yourself or other persons.

Please communicate your preferences to any teacher or student as you see fit.

Suggestions, Comments & Complaints

We welcome and seek suggestions, comments or complaints on any topic related to the operation of the school. Please let us know about your concerns; they are very important and helpful to us! However, we do ask that you do not offer suggestions and complaints during classes.