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Modified 64 Wu Style

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New to our curriculum is the study of the Wu Style Modified 64 form, developed by our teacher Brian Cooper from the traditional 108 'reference' form taught by Wu Jian Quan (1870-1942). Consisting of 64 moves, the form embraces every essential posture of the parent form, without the repetitions.

The Modified 64 Wu style

Wu style is the most advanced hand form we teach, with many internal (Neigong) aspects included in the study. It requires resolve and dedication to complete the study, and to continue to practice, but it is an exhilarating experience and the health benefits are (dare we say) life changing. It is particularly beneficial for facilitating the healing of injuries, especially lower back problems. 

The Modified 64 takes about 10 minutes (minimum) to perform and is quite compact so can be practised even in restricted spaces. As you progress through the movements you will get a full workout that will upgrade your body, mind and spirit.

New class starting September 2017 - click here for details.

For more information please visit Brian Cooper's website, Inside Tai Chi.

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Wu Modified 64 Form Postures - 64 count

List of Moves (Section 1): Prepartion | Taiji Commencement | Single Peng | Grasp Birds Tail | Single Whip | Diagonal Flying & Shoulder Stroke | Raise Hand Step Up | White Crane Spreads Wings | Brush Knee Twist Step | Play Guitar | Brush Knee Twist Step (3) | Lift Hands | Step Up Parry And Punch | Apparently Closed | Tiger and Leopard Turn To Mountain | Cross Hands.
List of Moves (Section 2): Diagonal Brush Knee Twist Step | Turn Body Diagonal Brush Knee Twist Step | Diagonal Grasp Birds Tail | Diagonal Single Whip | Fist Under Elbow | Repulse Monkey (3) | Diagonal Flying | Cloud Hands (3) | Single Whip | High Pat Horse | Separate Hands | Right Separate Foot | Pat the Horse | Separate Hands | Left Separate Foot | Turn Body Kick with Heel | Planting Punch | Turn Body Chop Fist | High Pat Horse | Separate Hands | Kick with Heel | White Crane Stands Alone | Strike Tiger (2) | Raise Foot Spreading Kick | Two Points Pierce Ears | Step Forward Parry Punch [alt] Step Back Parry Punch | Apparently Closed | Tiger & Leopard Turn to Mountain | Cross Hands.
List of Moves (Section 3): Winding Play Guitar | Part Horses Mane (2) | Weaver Movement (2) | White Snake Puts Out Tongue | Brush Knee Twist Step | Needle at Sea Bottom | Fan Through Back | Turn Body Chop Fist | High Pat Horse | Step Up Grasp Birds Tail | Single Whip | Snake Creeps Down | Golden Cockerel Stands Alone [alt] Step Up 7 Stars | Step Back Ride Tiger | Turn Body Palm Strike | Lotus Kick | Bend Bow Shoot Tiger | Turn Body Single Whip | Closing and Storing

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