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New class formats starting in Sept 2018

New classes in September 2018

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From Sept 12th 2018 we will be changing our Wednesday and Thursday evening classes into a exciting new format. Our main aim is to provide an easy path for new or drop-in students to progress into the more traditional Tai Chi / Internal Arts subjects usually taught in advanced classes, workshops and retreats, and previously only made available to beginners once a year.

New students will be able to start enjoying the traditional curriculum we teach, at any time. Existing intermediate students will be more empowered to access what they individually require with regard to curriculum material. We hope that this will encourage them, through sharing their skills with beginners and more targeted personal practice, to break through their ‘plateaus’ and so reach the next level.


 Both Wednesday (Downton Memorial Hall) and Thursday (Salisbury, St Osmond's Primary School) evening classes will have the following format:

CLASS 1: 6.30pm to 7.15pm
Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi (aka Waves and Clouds).

  • Light teaching of principles within copied movement.
  • A great stand-alone healing and relaxation form, set to music.
  • All welcome, and you can sit at any time.

CLASS 2: 7.15 pm to 8pm
Principles and connection work (see below).

  • Detailed teaching of Tai Chi principles at several levels.
  • Beginners are welcome and will be helped by both teachers and more experienced students.
  • Intermediates may use the slot for personal development of any curriculum subject they have studied, with teacher support.

CLASS 3: 8pm to 8.30pm 

Intermediates only

  • Masterclass format, focusing on what you need to study with teacher support.
  •  Individual or group exercises.
  • Intermediates must also attend Class 2 and prioritise working with the beginners when requested.

For intermediate students, this new format will offer you the chance to study what you personally need to practise, with more flexibility. You can come to either the Wed or Thur class, or both. You can practice Chen, Yang, Wu or Sun forms in either, though we will focus more strongly on Wu on Wednesdays and Yang on Thursdays. The forms can be solo, partner or weapons for Classes 2 and 3.

Connection Work

Partner or connection work is designed to be empowering. Social rules and conditioning often create an awkwardness between people and so block communication or progress. By engaging in enjoyable exercises within a safe, monitored environment, Tai Chi partner work builds confidence through developing social skills and sensitivity to others.

For the more experienced, connection work is the reality factor of a tai chi practice, as well as being a metaphor for all human interactions. It creates a strong awareness of what is actually possible in any particular moment and what is only an imagined aspiration - and getting real is what it’s all about!

Available curriculum subjects

  • Wu Style (short form, modified 64, 108 long form)
  • Yang Style (5 Section short form, 24 step, 108 long form)
  • Sun Style (Tai Chi for Arthritis)
  • Chen Style (5 Section short form)
  • Tai Chi sword (solo form, partner form, sensing sword, 13 powers sword)
  • Partner hand forms (5 Section, sensing hands, push hands)
  • Internal energy work (Breathing, ‘Medical’ Qigong, Taoist Neigong, Yang family Baduanjin)

Please note: we will do our best to accommodate your needs from the above curriculum, but we may not be able to offer you your preferred subject if there is not enough interest from other students. We are unable to provide one-to-one teaching in these classes, but you could always ask about private lessons. 


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