Get More Chi in Your Tai Chi, London

Get More Chi in Your Tai Chi, London

We shall be hosting this event. Please visit the website for further information.

A workshop with Bruce Frantzis - London, UK

Bruce will illustrate how the physical and internal chi techniques of the 16 neigong can be adapted to your tai chi practice or any energy, healing or martial art practice. As only a master can do, he will observe the students present and determine what is needed most to take their practice to the next level. 

Possible topics include:

  • Alignments, openings and closings, and lengthening
  • Maintaining physical health and emotional balance 
  • "Raising the spirit" in tai chi
  • Supercharging self-defense techniques 
  • Activating the etheric field.

Bruce will demonstrate ways to develop chi and reveal the innermost aspects of tai chi. You will discover the connections between small style tai chi (Wu) and large style tai chi (Yang), including both the energetic and movement principles.


The Main Hall, Ark Putney Academy, Pullman Gardens, London, SW15 3DG
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Please note that event timings are a little different from our regular weekend workshops due to venue availability.

Friday 13th October 2017:
Registration from 6pm. Class 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Saturday 14th October 2017:
Class 10am - 1pm (2 hour lunch break) Class 3pm - 6pm

Sunday 15th October 2017:
Class 2.30pm - 6.30pm (NB no morning session as venue is unavailable)


Price: $295
Price after Sep 10: $350

Please register for this event with Energy Arts on their website.

Event Properties

Event Date Fri 13th Oct 2017 - 6:30 pm
Event End Date Sun 15th Oct 2017 - 6:30 pm
Individual Price $295 before 10 Sept