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Students write...

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"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my first class this week. I felt so at peace with myself afterwards and this lasted all day."

"Tai Chi classes with Patrick and Jane are enjoyable, stimulating and also relaxing."

"Thanks so much for the waves and clouds dvd. I really love doing it and it is just what I need at the moment for the arthritis and fibromyalgia. It is gentle and healing."


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So what is Tai Chi?

Unless specified, all references to Taiji or Tai Chi infer the art of Taijiquan, not the philosophy behind the state of taiji.

For many years that dreadful moment has reared its ugly little head again and again. There you are relaxing with some acquaintances and they say "So what do you do, then?". I say I'm a Taiji teacher, and then, here it comes.. "Ah! I've always wondered about that. So what is Tie Chee then?" as they wave their arms listlessly in front of them.

Immediately the brain begins to spasm, and a mild panic sets in as I mentally start stringing together all the material required for a three hour lecture. Then I just sit there with my mouth open - "Well, it's.... um... a... errr... it's a kind of exercise. From China. Very good for you and quite good fun too." I watch carefully. Did I get away with it? Can I get back to my favourite tasty beverage and finish it in peace?

Now after many years of practice and teaching, it comes to mind that I really should do better than that. But the question is a difficult one, because Taijiquan a.k.a. Tai Chi can be so many things to so many people. Let's see if we can come to some kind of understanding of it.

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Winter - The Dao of Storage

For the current blog we would like to post an article from our friend and fellow teacher Matthew Brewer, giving you guidance on how to sustain yourself over the Winter months.

Winter  - The Dao of Storage, by Dr Matthew Brewer


The three months of winter are called closing and storing.

Water freezes, earth cracks. Do not disturb the yang at all.

Early to bed, late to rise. (You) must await the daylight.

Make that which is of the heart/mind as though hidden, as though concealed,
as though (you) have a secret intention, already obtained.
Leave the cold, seek warmth.

Do not leak the skin.

Urgently hold onto the qi.

This is the winter compliance of qi;

the cultivation of the Dao of storage.

To oppose these principles injures the kidneys.
(Consequently) spring will bring paralysis and fainting
(and) there will be little to offer (your) sprouting.1

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A discourse on Practice

A fascinating thread appeared on our Tai Chi Tribe group on Facebook recently regarding practice, and I thought I would not be able to explain the ups and downs of practising the art better than the comments made by all the contributors.

Has anyone gone through a period where they simply couldn't practise?

Yes. Realized the importance of digestion time and taking a break.

Any tips on ways to stay in tune with the vibrations and spirals? Do you practice other modes (yoga, feldenkreis, etc) or just relax into your being, so to speak? I feel like my body wants to vibe, but it hurts my lower back if I move too much.

But I'm thinking too much. AG, thanks. I just realized I never really let myself digest.

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