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Tai Chi Foundations, Downton

Tai Chi Foundations, Downton

Tai Chi Foundations

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with Jane and Patrick Foley

Growing into better health as you age is possible by:

  • Developing good posture, balance, strength and coordination
  • Improving memory, concentration and multi-tasking
  • Reducing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Enhancing mobility and flexibility

FREE Tai Chi Session on 11th Sept 2019 when you register

Starting 18th September 2019, Tai Chi Foundations is taught as a course of 20 weekly sessions which comprise a 45 min warmup session learning basic principles of movement, followed by just over an hour of study and practise of the ‘24 Step Foundation’ sequence.

What is the “24 Step Foundation” form?

In the 1950s a set of initiatives was introduced by the Chinese government designed to help promote and develop physical fitness through Chinese martial art culture. The Simplified 24 Movement Taijiquan (二十四式太極拳) was issued in 1956 after a committee of famous experts choreographed some of the most popular sequences from the traditional yang style long form. The 'Beijing 24' is now practised around the world.

On this course we will introduce you to the Tai Chi ‘24 Step Foundation’ sequence, which is ideal for beginners to start integrating the essential elements of Tai Chi practice before they consider studying the full 24 step form.

For the more experienced student, this is an opportunity to approach the simplest aspects of the form at a much subtler level, thus deepening their appreciation of this fascinating art.

Costs (from 18th Sept)

6.30pm to 8.30pm: £275 for 20 weeks, payable in week 1 (£150) and week 11 (£125).
Warmup session only 6.30pm to 7.15pm: this is open to all as a drop in class for £7 per session, but is included in the 20 week course fee.

Register early online or by email or phone (no payment required until end August), to avoid disappointment and help us guarantee that this course will run.

Payment is required in advance for the course (in 2 installments) and is non refundable - this is a progressive study course and we require your regular attendance and commitment.

Event Properties

Event Date Wed 11th Sep 2019 - 6:30 pm
Individual Price Register for free session on 11th Sept
Location Downton, Memorial Hall
This is a past event - please go to a current event.

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