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  • Learn the most popular form in the world!
  • Free session in Downton Wed 11th Sept 2019
  • Tai Chi partner work for the more active!
    Free session in Salisbury Thurs 12th Sept 2019
  • 108 Long Form weekend
    19th to 21st July - very special!
  • Prefer Private Lessons?
    Study directly with Patrick or Jane.

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Yang Style Tai Chi

Yang Style

For those looking to practice taiji at a more active or recreational level the 5 section taijjiquan curriculum created by Master Sam Masich is ideal as it introduces the art in a principled way. If practitioners are eager for partner work they might play with the two person forms combined with sensing-hands and sensing-sword work. For those nervous about partner forms or who have had bad experiences with taiji push-hands, the jue-shou approach to connection and movement-through-relaxation can be perfect for breaking down barriers.

Classes and workshops run throughout the year, except on bank holidays and special times like Easter, August holidays and Christmas. Check our home page for the latest information on when we are not teaching.

Yang Style Workshop - Downton

Based on Yang style Tai Chi, these regular full day workshops allow us to teach both the external postures and applications as well as the internal energy components (Neigong) that make your Tai Chi reach the next level.

This workshop will be focusing on the Yang family Sanshou 88 partner form, but you are welcome to come and practice other curriculum subjects in an environment where you can ask questions and train with fellow students.

Morning session 10am to 12.30pm £30

Afternoon session 1pm to 3.30pm £30
Full Day 10am to 3.30pm (inc 30 min lunch break) £45 

You may attend the morning session separately, or get the most benefit by attending the full day.

Event Date Sun 23rd Jun 2019 - 10:00 am
Individual Price Morning £30 Full Day £45
Location Downton, Memorial Hall
Wu/Yang Style 108 Workshop - Downton

If you are serious in your pursuit of Tai Chi (taijiquan) knowledge, understanding lineages becomes important, and making connections between your Wu style form and its mother form can be enlightening. All authentic taijiquan adheres to the same physical principles and manifestations of jing (energetic essence) irrespective of the style of form.

In this unique full-immersion workshop we will start with reviewing the Wu 108 long form for all students who have studied it and wish to have a refresher course. Then from within this structure we introduce the Yang mother form and highlight certain moves to show the differences that distinguish the 2 forms, but also the similarity of the internal work that makes them the same.

Please check the details page to see if this workshop is suitable for you.

Friday evening 6.30pm - 9pm
Sat/Sun Full Day 10am to 4pm (inc 45 min lunch break)

Cost £120 

Let us know if you can't manage the whole weekend - we may be able to offer you a discount for part-attendance.

Event Date Fri 19th Jul 2019 - 6:30 am
Event End Date Sun 21st Jul 2019 - 4:00 pm
Individual Price £120.00
Location Downton, Memorial Hall
Tai Chi Foundations, Downton

FREE Tai Chi Session on 11th Sept 2019 when you register

A new Tai Chi class ideal for beginners - 
Grow into better health as you age by:

  • Developing good posture, balance, strength and coordination
  • Improving memory, concentration and multi-tasking
  • Reducing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Enhancing mobility and flexibility

Classes starting 18th Sept 2019 in Downton, Wiltshire subject to sufficient sign up; please pre-register with us if you are interested (no payment required until the course starts).


Event Date Wed 11th Sep 2019 - 6:30 pm
Individual Price Register for free session on 11th Sept
Location Downton, Memorial Hall
Tai Chi interActive, Salisbury

FREE Session on 12th Sept 2019 when you register

Tai Chi interActive with Patrick Foley
Use mindful connection work to:

  • Develop a deep and instinctive body awareness
  • Learn to be comfortable in the space around you
  • Build on your ability to accept and handle force when it comes your way
  • Be calm and find balance within all aspects of your life

Classes starting 19th Sept 2019 in Salisbury and other venues to be confirmed, subject to sufficient sign up; please pre-register with us if you are interested (no payment required until the course starts).

Event Date Thu 12th Sep 2019 - 6:30 pm
Individual Price Register for free session on 12th Sept
Location Salisbury, St Osmund's School

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