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Our favourite websites

Here are a few links to websites that we regularly refer to, or just think are great to visit. Not all the topics may be directly about Tai Chi or Qigong, but free feel to investigate why we found them interesting! 

  • Masich Internal Arts Method

    Masich Internal Arts Method

    Master Sam Masich has inspired thousands of students along their path with his unique interpretation of the Chinese internal martial arts. We have studied with him for many years.
  • Lin HouSheng

    Lin HouSheng

    Professor Lin Housheng is an internationally recognised qigong master. Creator of the Taiji Qigong Eighteen Movements, also known as Taiji Qigong Shibashi, of which we are certified instructors.
  • Tai Chi Bournemouth

    Tai Chi Bournemouth

    Longwater student Paul Houlton runs his own school in Bournemouth, UK. He teaches Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi, the Masich Internal Arts Methods 5 Section Taijiquan, Yoga and is a qualified Bodywork Health Practitioner.
  • Tai Chi Union of Great Britain

    Tai Chi Union of Great Britain

    The TCUGB was founded in 1991 with the aim of representing every recognised style of Tai Chi Chuan, to improve and promote the art in all its aspects, health, aesthetic meditation and self defence and to provide a source of information for the general public.
  • Qigong 18 Authentic Shibashi

    Qigong 18 Authentic Shibashi

    Fabrice Piché is a high level medical qigong practicioner and representative of Professor Lin Housheng, creator of Taiji Qigong Shibashi system. Jane currently studies in-depth material with him.
  • Tai Chi Health Info

    Tai Chi Health Info

    Provided by the teachers at Longwater Tai Chi, this site supplies freely-available info about the health benefits of tai chi (taijiquan) and chi kung (qigong), to help you make decisions about starting practising.
  • Movimiento y Salud

    Movimiento y Salud

    Javier Arnanz is a Sports Psychologist and osteopath by training, and a teacher of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung by vocation. He is an Indoor Student (Tudi) of Master Sam Masich.
  • Energy Arts

    Energy Arts

    Bruce Frantzis real passion is teaching the Taoist meditation tradition; but we also directly studied in-depth Tai Chi and Neigong material with him and his senior students for many years.
  • Tai Chi for Health Institute

    Tai Chi for Health Institute

    One of our teachers Dr Paul Lam - The Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI) was founded in 2010 with the purpose of empowering people to improve their health and wellness through Tai Chi for Health programs.

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