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Marriage of Heaven and Earth Neigong

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The Marriage of Heaven and Earth is a popular two part qigong movement devised by Bruce Frantzis and is part of his Energy Arts system. It is easy for people of any age or fitness level to learn. Within the movements you learn to pulsate your body with a natural rhythm of opening and closing (using chi rather than muscles), bend and stretch soft tissue to gently release tension, and integrate deep relaxation breathing techniques.

Part of the preliminary training for this movement is the study of Tai Chi Circling Hands Qigong.

In China, the techniques within Heaven and Earth Qigong are widely used to help heal back, neck and joint problems. Although primarily done standing, this qigong set is easily adapted to be done sitting, where it can mitigate such problems as fatigue, burnout and carpal tunnel syndrome. Pulsing is good for your health and relaxation, enabling you to:

  • Develop energy awareness
  • Increase chi circulation
  • Improve the circulation of fluids in your joints
  • Soothe and release physical, emotional and mental blockages
  • Let go and reduce the effects of stress and tension inside your body

Movement and bodywork practitioners can also learn to integrate the opening and closing of the joints into their practice and to project energy from their hands for healing.

Tai Chi Circling Hands Qigong

This fundamental Qigong method is used to teach people how to do all the essential circular movements, alignments and weight shifting contained within any tai chi form. The three circling hands movements are simple to learn but can take a lifetime to master! They provide an excellent physical and energetic workout, and are a wonderful vehicle for improving your tai chi or qigong at any stage of your learning.

If you are a complete beginner, the movements will help your balance, flexibility and ability to relax mind and body. For intermediate students, within these circular movements you can learn to integrate qi-based methods of bending and stretching the body's tissues, opening and closing (pulsing) the body's joints and cavities, and circulating energy while breathing in unison with all the body movements. It opens the door to experience the deeper healing aspects of tai chi.

Once you understand the three primary circles the body can make, you can break any movement into its circular parts. This is very easy to do and dramatically increases the rate at which you learn. It allows your body and mind to conceptualize the movement in space. Your form will start to flow and look smoother. You will understand how to transition from one more to another gracefully. This is especially important in the longer forms of tai chi where there may be over 100 movements.


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