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Yang Style Tai Chi - Ringwood

Yang Style Tai Chi - Ringwood

martin hilldene class

Registration for this and all future classes will be available from early September 2022.

Growing into better health as you age is possible by:

  • Developing good posture, balance, strength and coordination
  • Improving memory, concentration and multi-tasking
  • Reducing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Enhancing mobility and flexibility

An ongoing class for students who have begun their study of the Yang style 24 Step and full 5 Section Taijiquan curriculum. If you are interested in learning as a beginner you are welcome - please contact us if you need more information.


We continue to operate under COVID distancing guidelines, which currently means numbers to these sessions are limited. We would prefer it if you could register online - payment can be made immediately by Paypal, or by BACS or at the class by choosing “offline payment”. Registering online guarantees you a place in the class; you are welcome to attend as a drop-in but we cannot guarantee you will be able to join the class if advance bookings have taken all available slots.

Cost £9

Class led by Gina Davenport.

About the Exercises

The Masich Internal Arts Method (MIAM) Five Section Taijiquan program material is designed to be flexible and fun, ideal for beginners to get a well grounded introduction to traditional Tai Chi, who may then decide to take on the more difficult challenges of the full curriculum. It is also possible within this curriculum to just focus on one aspect of Tai Chi that you are particularly interested in, e.g. solo sword, without having to commit to learning other more challenging aspects like partner work.

What is the 24 Step form?

In the 1950s a set of initiatives was introduced by the Chinese government designed to help promote and develop physical fitness through Chinese martial art culture. The Simplified 24 Movement Taijiquan was issued in 1956 after a committee of famous experts choreographed some of the most popular sequences from the traditional yang style long form. The 'Beijing 24' is now practised around the world.

The 24 Step Foundation form uses the MIAM solo hand form to help beginners learn the basic principles of Yang style Tai Chi, before advancing them to the full version of the 'Beijing 24'.

For the more experienced student, this is an opportunity to approach the simplest aspects of the form at a much subtler level, thus deepening their appreciation of this fascinating art.



Event Properties

Event Date Tue 13th Sep 2022 - 3:00 pm
Capacity 12
Individual Price £9.00
Location Ringwood, Greyfriars

Location Map