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Uploaded: 3rd Dec 2021
Library: Meditation
Topic: Zoom 19/11, 26/11

Stay Connected! Quotes...

...what our students say

"Thank you for your email and I have checked out the Stay Connected and it is fabulous, thank you, and I can cope with the technology (yippee!). "

"Many thanks for videos. Getting into the habit of daily practice as a result! The breathing one was interesting with new information for me.”

"I think the 'stay connected' idea is excellent and is working very well. You have both clearly spent alot of time producing a varied and extremely informative set of videos that are of high quality with very accessible content. 

...Very impressed, and thank you for sharing. "

"Am totally in awe of the speed with which you have been able to sort online tuition.  As a beginner, I have found the videos really beneficial: to be honest - even better than a once a week session as I have been able to review each day rather than having to remember..."

We're so glad you are enjoying it!

Stay Connected! Video Library and Zoom Live

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Welcome to our Stay Connected! video library and live Zoom sessions, available to anyone who registers with us and free of charge during the current COVID-19 outbreak. We want to help all of you to stay fit and healthy. Tai chi and qigong can help maintain and improve your wellbeing and may help to improve your immune system, as well as keep your mind active when your normal options to connect and socialise with others have been curtailed. If you have not registered with us, please complete this form and let us know about why you would like to join our list.

By using the Site, you accept the policies and restrictions set forth in our Online Terms of Use Policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use the Site.

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Often the biggest struggle for many is getting over the "frustation barrier" of not only learning new material, but also getting comfortable with regularly practising that material.

To help with your use of the videos and online sessions, click here. We have also created a guide called "How to Practice" - viewable here.

All the currently available libraries are listed below. Click on the image to access the library. You will be asked for the password you were sent by email and asked to write down. You will need to use it regularly.


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StayConnected! Videos

  • Link Art Qigong

    Suitable for: All students

    Tips and sessions based on our popular weekly drop-in classes in Fordingbridge, St Ives,  Ringwood, Verwood, Downton, Salisbury and Wilton.

  • Link Art Qigong

    Suitable for: Beginner-Intermediate Students

    5 Section, Foundation 24 Yang style beginners forms.
    For 5 Section Intensive course, click here (different password)

  • Link Art Qigong

    Suitable for: Beginner-Intermediate Students

    Modified 64, Wu short and long forms

  • Link Art Qigong

    Suitable for: Beginner Students

    Sun style / TCA beginners forms

  • Link Art Qigong

    Suitable for: Intermediate Students

    Traditional Yang-style Curriculum, including 108 form.
    Requires different password to Stay Connected!

  • Link Art Qigong

    Suitable for: All students

    Practice tips and led sessions for developing your meditation skills. 

  • Link Art Qigong

    Suitable for: Intermediate Students

    This is for you if you are already studying Feeling Qi or the Dragon & Tiger set with us.

  • Link Art Qigong

    Suitable for: Everyone

    Patrick, Jane and Gina host live Zoom online classes.

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  • 2

Making a donation

We provide all the Stay Connected! material free of charge, as we want as many of our students as possible to feel free to access it, especially during the COVID-19 crisis that is affecting us all.

However, if you feel you would like to support us during this period, when we have cancelled all our classes and have lost all our income, then you will be able to donate whatever you can afford to us via PayPal or BACS (we prefer this as there is no commission charged). You might choose to send us a little something every time you watch a video, or a single payment to cover you for a month - it's up to you - and remember you are under no obligation to do so; the library is free for your use.

Your donations will however allow us to continue creating online content for you to watch and practise, as well as provide us with some basic support to maintain our web presence, domains, Cloud storage and to help cover our basic everyday cost of living. 



 Donate with PayPal: 


 Donate with BACS or cheque: Please email us and we will provide you with details.


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Screenshot 2020 03 26 at 11.23.59 am The Vimeo Player is very easy to use.

To play a video simply select it and click the Play button ▶️ to start.

You can view the video full screen by clicking on this icon on the toolbar:

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NB tablets and smart phones may have different ways to do this.

To exit a video at any time, just click the ✖️or press ESC key. When you finished with the library, you can close browser window and you should still have this page available in its original window.

NB We have noticed how sometimes  the internet or device can get a bit overloaded, and videos will be slow loading or a bit stop-start. To fix this just close the page and then log back in again to get it working smoothly.

 We hope you enjoy the videos!