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5 Seasons Late Summer to Autumn - Shropshire

5 Seasons Late Summer to Autumn - Shropshire

Live and practise qigong in harmony with the seasons.

Much of Chinese culture and philosophy is based on 5 seasons and their tradition also works with 5 elements. During each of the 5 Seasons of the year, we aim to bring you the best practices to support your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for that seasonal phase. If you attend all the workshops, you will have learnt 5 beneficial sets of practices to help you integrate your lifestyle with the core energies of nature.

The benefits of these workshops apply to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. If you are experienced in one of the exercises we are teaching, you will have the added benefit, with our guidance, of being able to delve more deeply into its components. Each session will also to allow you to integrate the seasonal theme into your daily practice, using whatever Tai Chi or Qigong form or exercise routine you may know - irrespective of its origin.

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Transition and Integration: Late Summer into Autumn

We continue our popular series of 'immersion' weekend workshops that span the year and its seasons. This year we will present the 5 Seasons Qigong workshop during our annual Tai Chi retreat at Eaton Manor in beautiful Shropshire.

The Chinese system has 5 elements, each associated with a season and, apart from Earth, each has a direction of movement. Wood (spring) is upwards, Fire (summer) is outwards, Metal (autumn) is downwards, and Water (winter) is inwards.

Earth (late summer, plus all of the seasonal transitions) is unique in that it has no associated direction of movement, it acts as the stable centre, the axis around which movement occurs. Earth energy is therefore not classified as either yin or yang, it is a balance point. As such it is very valuable to use this time of year to find balance and centre in body, mind, emotions and spirit. To feel comfortable, nourished, stable and supported. In tai chi and qigong terms, and in everyday life, we would say that it is important 'to find and then maintain centre as you respond to changes that are affecting you.'

As we feel the effects of the seasonal change into autumn, we want to stay healthy and balanced. It is a time of year when many people get sick and this is often because they are not adapting and staying in balance with the changing season. The Chinese element of Autumn, Metal, with its downward moving energy, takes us into a time of gathering, quietening and letting go of that which we no longer need. Our breathing and movements can help facilitate this valuable time of change, using a fading intent that supports the neutrality of the Earth element and helps us refine our use of energy and adopting a slower, steadier pace. Finding your unnecessary adornments and looking for those you might have missed... maybe clenching, tensing, holding breath, maintaining too busy a mind, and then letting unhelpful patterns drop away.

Workshop content is largely dependent on the group dynamic and should only be used as a guide to what we may teach.

Suitable for all, including beginners.


Sat (10am to 4.30pm) / Sun (10am to 1pm). Cost £70 for both days / £40 for the Sat Morning session only.

Accomodation is not included - if you wish to attend both days and need help with accomodation please contact us.


5 Seasons 'Sink-in Sundays'

On Sunday we offer an in-depth workshop where you can deepen your study, as well as review and practice what we learn on the Saturday - see details. You do not have to attend this session but it is included in the price.

Event Properties

Event Date Sat 7th Sep 2019 - 10:00 am
Event End Date Sun 8th Sep 2019 - 1:00 pm
Individual Price Sat/Sun £70 - Sat morning £40
Location Eaton Manor, Shropshire
This is a past event - please go to a current event.

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