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Day Workshop - Downton

Day Workshop - Downton

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Join us for one of our full day Sunday workshops in Downton, Wiltshire. In this session we focus on our Yang style curriculum. Over the years we have taught the complete curriculum in classes and workshops, and this session is aimed at students who want to improve their skills and deepen the practice of their favourite topics, be it solo and partner forms or individual core principle exercises.


The day consists of 2 sections:

  • 0930-1300 Session 1 £42: 5 Section forms, solo and partner
  • 1345-1630 Session 2 £30: Yang 108 as warmup, then dagger / sword / sabre - whatever you need!

FULL DAY concession £60

You are welcome to attend part or all of the day to suit your interests - charges are made on an hourly basis with a maximum capped rate of £60 for the day. 

When you register, please select the sessions you are interested in at the checkout so you correctly charged.

Five Section

The Five Section Taijiquan program material is designed to be flexible and fun, ideal for beginners to get a well grounded introduction to traditional Tai Chi, who may then decide to take on the more difficult challenges of the full curriculum. It is also possible within this curriculum to just focus on one aspect of Tai Chi that you are particularly interested in, e.g. solo sword, without having to commit to learning the partner work.

If you have studied the 5 Section material with us in the past and would like to refresh your memory or improve your understanding of the forms, this session is for you.

This session will cover:

  • Reviewing 5 Section solo and 24-step forms (as warmups)
  • Reviewing 5 Section solo sword / solo sword exercises
  • Partner hand and sword forms (as required by attendees)
  • 5 Section Chen style / Sensing Hands practice ( as required by attendees)

Traditional Yang Curriculum

The Yang style of tai chi is characterized by more open movements with clear expression of the application - it is the perfect study for those who want to practice tai chi for robust health, mindfulness and subtle connection. We have a wide curriculum to offer that includes weapons and partner work as well as solo hand forms, mainly taught during day and weekend workshops.

This session will focus on solo hand and weapons forms:

  • Reviewing Yang 108 Long Form (as warmup)
  • Taiji Dagger (suitable for all)
  • Taiji Sabre Applications form with Partner (suitable for all)
  • Reviewing Yang style 54 solo sword (time permitting)

Event Properties

Event Date Sun 10th Jul 2022 - 9:30 am
Event End Date Sun 10th Jul 2022 - 4:30 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Costs applied at checkout
Location Downton, Memorial Hall

This is a past event - please go to a current event.

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