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Dragon and Tiger Qigong

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Dragon and Tiger is a 1500 year old form of health qigong, primarily used as a form of self-healing, or preventative exercise. It is also one of the best methods for learning how to feel your energy body.

Dragon and Tiger Qigong is a 1,500-year-old self-healing movement system based on acupuncture. It is sometimes called "meridian-line qigong" because it helps free you of energetic (chi) blockages by balancing the chi flow that runs through the acupuncture meridians or energy channels of your body. In China it is known as a ‘Medical Qigong’ set.

This powerful qigong (chi gung) set consists of seven movements that literally trace the acupuncture lines of your body to move and disperse stagnant chi. The movements are relatively easy to learn yet challenging enough to keep Dragon and Tiger Qigong interesting for ongoing study and practice. Many of our students continue to attend regular classes for years after they have learned the basic choreography, improving their health and wellbeing from the inside out. There is much depth to any qigong system taught by Bruce Frantzis and Jane and Patrick teach many components of his system at an advanced level, including Dragon and Tiger Qigong.

Give Yourself a Full-body Energetic Healing

Dragon and Tiger Qigong is especially renowned for simultaneously accomplishing three major changes in the body:

  • Releases stagnant chi that cannot move freely. Stagnant chi can be located anywhere there is a physical, emotional or psychic blockage of energy.
  • Increases the speed, strength and evenness of the circulation of chi, blood and other fluids. This balances the body's energy.
  • Quickly raises the energy levels of the body to boost your natural healing capacities.
  • Superior Low-impact Qigong Exercise

Dragon and Tiger Qigong's gentle movements are especially beneficial for the joints, increasing range of movement—especially in the upper body. Even when done imperfectly, by people who have limited energy or range of motion, or who are sick or wheelchair bound, this qigong set is immensely beneficial.

The movements can help improve physical balance, coordination and flexibility, strengthening and stretching the legs, waist and upper body.

7 Gentle Qigong Movements

Dragon and Tiger Qigong's seven simple movements are each repeated the same number of times, building up to 20. A set can be completed in about 15 minutes.

While studying for 10 years in China and as a Chinese qigong tui na practitioner, our teacher Bruce Frantzis saw hundreds of different qigong sets. It is his personal opinion that Dragon and Tiger Qigong is one of the most beneficial qigong sets ever developed in China. It is fun to practice and enables many people to begin to feel energy or chi moving in their body, as they become more relaxed and their wellbeing improves.

Source of Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong

Dragon and Tiger Qigong was passed down in China from Zhang Jia Hua, a doctor of Chinese medicine. She was extremely proficient in the use of qigong for medical purposes. At one time, she was the vice president of the All China Qigong Association.

Zhang Jia Hua was so taken with Dragon and Tiger Qigong that in 15 years of active teaching, during the 1960-1970s, she taught and qualified more than 20,000 instructors who spread Dragon and Tiger Qigong to over 20 million people in China.

Many qigong sets in China are named for the qualities and purpose for which they are designed. The general purpose analogy in Dragon and Tiger Qigong is that you develop the agility and flexibility of a flying dragon and the relaxed power of a pouncing tiger.
Chinese medicine gives it more specific meanings: the tiger's immense strength and responsiveness are traits that derive from the liver—hence the tiger is a metaphor for a healthy and strong liver. The dragon's ability to fly is a trait that resides in the lungs—hence the dragon is a metaphor for healthy and strong lungs.

An advantage of learning this system is that there are high quality products available to support your learning if you are someone who likes to buy a manual or DVD on the topic, to enhance your practice. Although it is a set that needs a live teacher to guide your learning, some people find that the additional material available from Energy Arts is helpful to them alongside our classes.

Jane and Patrick also teach people in private lessons who have learned the set from the manual, DVD or online training.

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