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Tai Chi

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Water Method Meditation

Learn to relax deeply and work with your qi (subtle life force energy) to help improve your health, calm your mind and emotions and awaken spiritual potential inside you. The material taught is 'Taoist Presence Practices' from the ancient 'Water Method' of Taoist Meditation.


Meditation Presence Practices help us to become more present (and therefore mindful) to the world we live in. Initially this is presence to the physical body and breath and learning to stay in the moment. This is the foundation stage of Presence Practices. Then we start to learn to identify and observe what blocks us from really relaxing into our being, becoming fully alive and realising greater presence. We learn to start feeling and releasing our 'blockages' with the Taoist 'Dissolving' process. Blockages can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We always start with, and stay present to, what manifests as physical sensation. As we become more comfortable with staying present and accepting what is inside ourselves, our awareness deepens and can open to other layers of being, including our spiritual natures, both in ourselves and those we interact with.

jl ea meditation jul 2012 178Jane is one of only a small handful of Energy Arts instructors in the world who have undertaken over 20 years of training and certified as a Meditation Instructor with Master Bruce Frantzis, who has an unbroken lineage in meditation going back to Lao Tzu (who wrote the Tao De Ching in the 6th Century BCE). You can read a lot more about this system of meditation on Bruce's Energy Arts website.

Jane has been teaching regular weekly Taoist Meditation classes to a committed group since 2012. If you are interested in joining this group or would be interested in a new beginners class, please contact us or have a chat with Jane.

If you are registered for the audio library, you can access it here.